Common Collect Scalability Server job Errors
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Common Collect Scalability Server job Errors


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What is the meaning of most common error for Scalability Collect job ?


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Common Server Collect Failed

2020-01-28 11:44:46 Performing Job:ScalaName Collect
2020-01-28 11:45:05 Common Server Collect Failed

This could indicate a communication problem with cserver plugin on scalability server.

Try to restart it : 
caf stop cserver
caf kill cserver
caf start cserver

See: Collect job Error "Common Server Collect Failed"


Software Signatures validation failed

Intellisig validation failed

2020-01-28 11:48:29 Performing Job:ScalaName Collect
2020-01-28 11:58:45 Software Signatures validation failed for sector ScalaName
2020-01-28 12:09:04 Intellisig validation failed for sector ScalaName

Could indicate a communication problem with plugin amrss on scalability server.

Try to restart amrss on scalability server :

caf stop amrss
caf kill amrss
caf start amrss

Could also indicate a CAM communication problem between Domain and Scalability Server.

Try camping from Domain to Scalability to check if it works:

camping <scala_name>


Unable to Open Server

2020-01-28 12:14:36 Performing Job:ScalaName Collect
2020-01-28 12:17:01 Unable to open Server:ScalaName

This could indicate a network communication between Domain and Scalability Server

Check where is the communication problem using these commands :

ping scala_name
camping scala_name
caf ping scala_name


This could also indicates a wrong address stored in database for a scalability server (due to a resolution name problem).

Following SQL Query displays the name of Collect Job with its associated Scalability Server Host Name

SELECT n.joname 'Job Name', s.host_name 'Scalability Server Name'
FROM ncjobcfg n, ca_server s
WHERE n.jotype =10 and UPPER(n.jocmd)=UPPER(convert(char(50),s.server_uuid,2))
If an invalid host name is displayed following should be done :
1- Correct the DNS resolution problem. Domain Manager tries to resolve the IP Address of Scalability Server to name. Resolution of IP Address should return the correct name.
2- Delete the Scalability Server with invalid hostname in DSM Explorer under Control Panel/Scalability servers/All Scalability Server
3- On the scalability server execute this :
cserver -c reset
caf register all
cserver register -a

4- Scalability Server should be created again in database. Check with SQL Query above if hostname is correct.

Link the new created Collect Job to the appropriate Engine.