MSP Security update testing requirements for Clarity
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MSP Security update testing requirements for Clarity


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In the past, there have been some Microsoft Project (MSP) security updates that have caused adverse results in working with the MSP New Driver. Is regression testing recommended or required to be done on a  workstation prior to installing a Microsoft Project update? 


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : MICROSOFT PROJECT (MSP) Integration


As of September 2017, there have been minimal issues with Microsoft Project Updates and the Clarity MSP Addin. So, it's no longer required to wait for the updates from Microsoft Project to be certified by the Broadcom team before using (and we do not require regression testing done by the customer). If there are any known issues with a security update, they will be published at: Microsoft Project monthly patches impact with Clarity. (See this KB for more details on MSP Certification testing). It's recommended to be on the latest update as that will contain the most fixes. 

Prior to installing an update, you can review the fixes included for that update from Microsoft, to determine if you want to do any regressing testing around the fix.

Additionally, for any significant Windows 7 or Windows 10 updates, it's recommended to do basic testing of the interface (make sure users are able to open a project to MSP/save the project back).

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