Resource allocation end dates changing
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Resource allocation end dates changing


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Besides changing the project finish date and/or resource termination date, what else can cause the resource allocation finish date to change?


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  • Changing the project finish date will change the allocation finish dates.
  • Changing the resource termination date would not trigger a change to the allocation finish date. Changing the termination date would only change the allocation hours, but the allocation dates and segments would remain the same (the segments will still be there, but the allocation hours calculated from the segments after the termination date would be 0 as the availability would be 0 after that date).
  • Changing a resource's daily availability from their resource calendar would cause a similar scenario. Changing the resource's daily availability would change the allocation hours that get calculated (allocation percent x availability hours), but the allocation dates and segments would remain the same. 
  • There is also the 'Allocate form Estimates' job that would update the allocations. However, it would only update the allocation segments. The overall Allocation start and finish dates would not be changed. 
  • Using Autoschedule may or may not impact the allocation dates.  If the allocation date fields are blank, the duration of the allocations will get updated to reflect the changes in the investment dates.  If the allocation date fields have 'manual' dates entered, the allocation dates may not change. 
  • Manual entries of the Allocation Start and Finish dates can be managed through Classic Team Tab, Clarity STAFF Module or other Staffing Workspaces, XOG or REST API. 

Additional Information

For an overview on how dates change, reference this article: Start And Finish Dates On Investments, Allocations, Tasks, Assignments