Using date simulator products with IDMS
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Using date simulator products with IDMS


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This document describes considerations necessary for using date simulator products with IDMS.


Release : Any supported release
Component : CA IDMS


Historically, IDMS supported date simulator products via zaps which potentially needed to be updated for each IDMS release (e.g. RI05855).
As of r17.0 APAR RO24032 (and in all subsequent releases including r19.0 and beyond), the need for such APARs was replaced with a SYSIDMS parameter, DATE_SIMULATOR_SVC.
This is documented in RI24035.

CV mode batch jobs
For CV mode batch jobs, the DATE_SIMULATOR_SVC value must be specified as a SYSIDMS parameter in both the IDMS CV and the batch job step.
Failure to do this will result in a cpu loop in either the batch job or the CV.

STCK or STCKE support
On r18.0 and prior releases, the date simulator SVC should support the STCK format.
On r18.5 and subsequent releases, it must support the STCKE format.
The CA Date Simulator product will function with either release.
Third party date simulator products must be configured to use the appropriate format according to the IDMS release.
See the documentation of the relevant product for more information.

ZIIP support
The usage of zIIP in an IDMS CV is incompatible with using a date simulator product.
For more information, see KD 22809: Running a Date Simulator product in an IDMS CV is incompatible with enabling zIIP.

IDMS r19.0
There are no changes in this area between IDMS r18.5 and r19.0.