Running a Date Simulator product in an IDMS CV is incompatible with enabling zIIP
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Running a Date Simulator product in an IDMS CV is incompatible with enabling zIIP


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Running an IDMS CV with SYSIDMS parm DATE_SIMULATOR_SVC=nnn to enable a date simulator product will cause S0F8 and U3964 abend if running zIIP=Y


Explained in PIB RI15823 based on the procedure for using Date Simulator in CV prior to the creation of the DATE_SIMULATOR_SVC=nnn parameter in SYSIDMS.

Here is an updated  explanation

To run Date Simulator products in an IDMS CV you must use the SYSIDMS parameter DATE_SIMULATOR_SVC=nnn

This tells IDMS that in all places where our system code would have issued a STCKE instruction it will instead issue the DateSim SVC which will return the STCKE format time we require.

If ZIIP processing is enabled in the CA IDMS CV, the code will offload work
to the ZIIP processors.
If ZIIP=Y, offloaded work will execute on the ZIIP processors under an SRB
rather than on a TCB.
It is ILLEGAL to issue an SVC when not running in TCB mode
and the CA IDMS CV will abort with an S0F8-4 abend code.

Here is a description of S0F8 Reason Code 4.
S0F8 -
Explanation: The issuer of a Supervisor Call (SVC) instruction was not in
the correct mode to issue the SVC. A hexadecimal reason code in the
RTM2CRC field of the RTM2WA data area explains the error:

Code Explanation

04 The issuer was in a mode other than task control block (TCB)

Most Date Simulator products require all STCKE instructions be replaced
with an SVC call. If Date Simulator products requiring an SVC call
are implemented in the CA IDMS CV, ZIIP=Y cannot be specified.


Component: IDMS