Add OBS field to Roadmap
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Add OBS field to Roadmap


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How to associate an Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) with Roadmap details


All Clarity releases


  1. In Clarity, go to Administration->Organization and Access->OBS
  2. Click on the OBS you want to associate to Roadmaps
  3. Under "Associated Objects" click Add
  4. Check the check box next to Roadmap and click Add again
  5. Go to Administration->Studio->Objects->Roadmap
  6. Click on the 'Attributes' tab
  7. You will now see a new attribute for the OBS you associated to the Roadmap object. (The description will say something similar to "Attribute created due to <OBS Name> OBS Association"). Click on that attribute.
  8. Enter an API Attribute ID (it may require you to enter "OBS_" in the beginning/prefix of the API attribute ID if on 15.6.1, where in some earlier versions you want to exclude the underscore "_".)
  9. Save changes to the attribute
  10. Now to go the New UX and click on a Roadmap
  11. Click on the Details icon for the Roadmap and your OBS should appear allowing you to select an OBS to associate it to.

Additional Information

Note: It's not possible to display an OBS Attribute on a Roadmap item

This could be raised as an idea if needed:

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