DUAS6: EEP errors about " Unknown resource nature " in universe.log
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DUAS6: EEP errors about " Unknown resource nature " in universe.log


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The universe.log is filled with the following kind of errors every X seconds (usually every 30 seconds): 

|ERROR|X|EEP|pid=p.t| o_eep_prepare_job_data    | Unknown resource nature 0
|ERROR|X|EEP|pid=p.t| o_eep_handle_asynchronous | Error preparing the resource data: o_eep_prepare_job_data returns -1
|ERROR|X|EEP|pid=p.t| o_eep_srv_impl_api_callba | Error handling the request. o_eep_trt_req returns -1

What do these messages mean and how to fix them?


Release : 6.x



Resource created with a wrong definition was being awaited by a Job in Event Wait status.


In order to fix the problem, you should check:

  • Resource (excluding the Logical) definitions
  • History Trace / Resource Log of Jobs in Event Wait Status in order to identify the Resource that is generating the errors

Once identified the Uproc with the wrong Resource condition please fix the Resource Definition or the Launch Formula of the problematic Uproc and then relaunch the Uproc.

You will have as well to either Cancel the wrong Job in Event Wait status and then relaunch it with the correct Resource definition.

Additional Information

You can set in the node settings - logging of the impacted node the following trace to display in universe.log which Resources are being checked:

Main log level: 0,SURCYCLE