IDMS task and Performance Monitor statistics
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IDMS task and Performance Monitor statistics


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This document clarifies the differences and relationship between IDMS task statistics and Performance Monitor statistics.

IDMS maintains its own traditional system and task level statistics. The Performance Monitor component of IDMS also has its own statistics. This document clarifies how the two are related.


Release: All supported releases.


How IDMS treats task level statistics is controlled by the STATISTICS clause of the System Generation SYSTEM statement. If NOTASK is specified, task level statistics are not maintained at all. To maintain task level statistics (i.e., the #STRDS control blocks are connected to the TCE), TASK must be specified, and COLLECT or WRITE should also be coded. COLLECT means that task level statistics are collected but not written to the dc-log. WRITE means that task level statistics are collected and also written to the dc-log. Most SREPORTS require that WRITE be set (see also SREPORTS available with COLLECT).

Performance Monitor maintains its own statistics but it requires that TASK COLLECT or TASK WRITE be specified in the SYSTEM statement. The AMDCLOG and IMDCLOG parameters in #PMOPT can be used to indicate whether or not Performance Monitor statistics are written to the dc-log. If Performance Monitor statistics are not written to the log, then the batch reports can not be run from the log. In this case, it would be necessary to use SMF - see the AMSMF and IMSMF parameters in #PMOPT and Using SMF to Archive Statistics.

Additional Information

When using PRINT LOG to view the contents of the dc-log, the IDMS task statistics are visible, however Performance Monitor statistics are not.