Time Slicing Job Failures - Troubleshooting Guide


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Clarity PPM On Premise


This document provides some tips on aiding in troubleshooting time slicing job failures including links to KBs on known causes/solutions.


Component: ODTSL


1. Check the bg-ca.logs for any blobcrack errors.
See KB Accessing the app-ca.log or other Clarity Logs for steps on how to access the bg-ca.logs (and other logs for both On Premise and SaaS customers)

If there are no relevant errors related to time slicing found in the logs, for each server's logging configuration, confirm the following components are set accordingly:
Priority    Name (Component)/             Appender
WARN    com.niku                               STDOUT 
FATAL   org.jgroups                             STDOUT 
ERROR  org.logicalcobwebs.proxool STDOUT
ERROR  com.niku.blobcrack             STDOUT
ERROR  com.niku.njs                        STDOUT

See KB Setting Logging Levels in Clarity for more details on verifying/setting up the above debugging. 

2. Related KBs on time slicing job failing:

If Broadcom support assistance is needed some information that can aid in troubleshooting:

  1. Do other jobs appear to be running okay?  
  2. If On Premise, please provide a copy of the bg-ca.logs and bg-system.logs for the time frame the issue occurred. 
  3. Is the Administration > Time Slices page up-to-date or behind? (It should all be caught up by the frequency of the scheduled Time Slicing job.
  4. If the job is supposed to run every minute, then the "Last Run Date" should be reflecting the closely to that frequency.)
  5. Does the job fail consistently or intermittently?