Time Slicing job appears to be be hanging or stuck in the Processing status


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • The Time Slicing job in Clarity PPM is not completing. It is taking too long to process.
  • Timeslices are not updated


  • The Time Slicing job is in the indefinite status of "Processing".
  • The Administration > Data Administration > Time Slices page > "Last Run" column is not being updated for all time slice ids.


One or more of the following could introduce the issue:
  1. PPM SQL trace is enabled per the properties.xml file (traceEnabled="true")
  2. Refreshing from one environment to another
  3. Cancelling a job that is already 'Processing'
  4. Not cleaning up the job scheduler before and after background service starts.
  5. Database and network issues (timeouts,outages,contention


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity Process Engine


  1. Check if the Time Slicing job instance is progressing via the query
  • This applies to On Premise customers.
  • For SaaS customers, please contact Broadcom Support if assistance is needed to confirm if the time slicing job is stuck):

    select '(1)assignment PRASSIGNMENT' slice_object, count(*), slice_status from 
    PRASSIGNMENT where slice_status in (1,2,3,4) group by SLICE_STATUS 
    select '(2)availability PRJ_RESOURCES' slice_object,count(*), slice_status from
    PRJ_RESOURCES where slice_status in (1,2,3,4) group by SLICE_STATUS 
    select '(3)allocation PRTEAM' slice_object, count(*), slice_status from
    PRTEAM where slice_status in (1,2,3,4) group by SLICE_STATUS 
    select '(4)timeentries PRTIMEENTRY' slice_object, count(*), slice_status from
  • It should be processing at a steady pace depending on the object being sliced.
  • If there is no movement, perform the next set of steps.

      2. Dedicate all system resources to allow the Time Slicing job to process and complete:

  • Set all jobs that are WAITING to PAUSED;
  • Set all jobs that are SCHEDULED to PAUSED;
  • Set all jobs that are in PROCESSING to CANCELLED
  • Make note of the scheduled jobs and scheduled times as they will need to be re-entered later.
  • Delete all CANCELLED job instances
  • Run an immediate instance of the Time Slicing job to ensure it completes.
  • Re-enter the jobs that were CANCELLED.

      3.  On Premise customers: If the Time Slicing job is stuck in Waiting or Scheduled status, a restart of the BG service can help.

  • See KB: KB000003995 for more details. (SaaS customers contact Broadcom support for assistance)

      4. Additionally see KB KB000052175 for tips including recommended incompatible jobs. 

      5. If the above does not resolve the issue:

  • Please open an issue for investigation.
  • The bg-ca.logs can be helpful in troubleshooting the issue. 

Additional Information

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