OData Credentials failing with Invalid User ID or Password error


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Errors that may be seen:

  1. Invalid user ID or password:

      <message lang="en-US">Invalid user ID or password.</message>

  2. We couldn’t authenticate with the credentials provided. Please try again.

  3. The WWW=Authenticate header doesn’t contain a valid authorization URI. Header value: ‘Basic realm=”DataDirect Cloud ODATA API”’.

    4. Refresh OData Model job fails with error:

Unable to connect to OData Service Server due to invalid credentials.

     5. When connecting to odata from browser: No data shown, see a blank page 


  • This can happen if a second instance of the Refresh OData Model Job is kicked off while one is running. 
  • Additional preventive measures:
    • The Refresh OData Model job should only be run after any new objects / attributes are created and included in the DWH.
    • After the object / attributes are created and included in the DWH, run the full load DWH job once, followed by the Load DWH Access Rights job, and then followed by the Refresh OData Model Job.
    • Ensure that when the full load DWH is running that your automation scripts that consume the API are not actually consuming while this job is in motion. 
    • When a database is refreshed and the source instance did not had the ODATA but destination had it. Example Test is getting refreshed with production and production did not had ODATA and Test has ODATA


  • SaaS/On Demand environments
  • Release: All Supported Releases
  • Component: OData


1. Please contact Broadcom support for assistance with below step:

  • De-register and then re-register OData service.

2. Check also KB: KB000112361 prior to opening a case in case this is an issue with the user that needs updating. 

Additional Information

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