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Gettting DSV00119E - TCP/IP startup time limit exceeded starting CEMESRVR for the first time


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Compliance Event Manager Datacom DATACOM - AD


We are installing CA Compliance Event Manager.
When we start the started task CEMESRVR for the first time after configuration, we get  below error and the task ABENDs.

DSV00119E - TCP/IP startup time limit exceeded
SER: Only 61 threads created - quit 930
DSV00120E - TCP/IP startup failed see
DSV00119E for cause 931 .

I followed the directions in technical document  KB000032076 but that did not help: 


CA Compliance Event Manager 
CA Datacom Server 


Datacom Server was started with PROTOCOL=BOTH which requires both CA CCI and TCPIP running on the mainframe. 
Started Datacom Server with TRACEON=YES.  
Trace showed that problem was CCI - got DSV00028E - Server ended, CCI/TCP failure in function:CCIINIT.
CCI was not running on the mainframe. 


Start Datacom Server with PROTOCOL=TCP.   

Additional Information

For explanation on all Datacom Server startup parameters see