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CA Datacom Server DSV00119E - TCP/IP startup time limit exceeded


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CA Datacom Server mainframe startup (PGM=SVDBSPR) fails with errors:

  DSV00119E - TCP/IP startup time limit exceeded               

  SER: Only 39 threads created - quit  408                     

  DSV00120E - TCP/IP startup failed see DSV00119E for cause  409


Component:  CA Datacom Server

Protocol TCP/IP


The CA Datacom Server startup option TCPIP_CONNECT_QUEUE to specify the number of TCP/IP threads was too large and the REGION=n was too small to handle the maximum number of threads.


Decrease the TCPIP_CONNECT_QUEUE value appropriate to the number of DBUSERS or allow it to default and increase REGION (REGION=0M suggested).

When allowed to default, CA Datacom Server computes the TCPIP_CONNECT_QUEUE to 2 times the number of the DBUSERS specified in the startup.

CA Datacom Server sets the maximum to 150 even if the value is specified higher (with no error or warning) or if DBUSERS is greater than 75.

Also, the REGION must be large enough to handle the number of TCP/IP threads requested.

In the case noted, TCP_CONNECT_QUEUE was set to 250 with REGION=6M. The problem was resolved once the value was set more appropriate to the number of desired DBUSERS as well as setting REGION=0M.

Additional Information

Refer to the CA Datacom Tools Version 15.1 section on "Using CA Datacom Server"

Refer to the CA Datacom Messages for DBSV00119I and DBSV00120I