Time Scale Value Detail on Team tab missing
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Time Scale Value Detail on Team tab missing


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The Allocations By Period time scaled value field on the Team - Detail page are not displaying the monthly values (availability, actuals, etc). However, the Allocations do show up on the Team Summary Page.

Also, when checking the time periods in the system, there does not seem to be an issue or error message to troubleshoot the issue. Everything appears to be ok, however, there is still no data in the fields.


Check to make sure the Datamart Extraction Job is running. This should populate this data.
As per the documentation: Configure the Datamart: If you are using Financial Management and you want to see accurate data within the Datamart, complete the following tasks:

  • Update time slices for the successful population of various types of sliced data such as actuals, estimates, allocations.
  • Set up the Rate Matrix Extraction job to populate the financial tables of the Datamart.
  • Set up Timesheets because actuals come from posted timesheets.

Additional Information

Reference Datamart Extraction and Datamart Rollup jobs and when they need to run for details on what the Datamart Extraction job updates.