Datamart Extraction and Datamart Rollup Jobs - Are these jobs required?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


What data does the Datamart Extraction job prepare and is this data required for the successful operation of the Clarity application? Can we deactivate this job and not use it? Similarly, with the Datamart Rollup Job, is this job needed?


It's recommended to review the details at Configure the Datamart for detailed information regarding the Datamart jobs and configuration. Below is some highlights of the Datamart:

The Datamart Extraction job is required to run nightly because the job populates the core data points described below. The job calls several stored procedure to populate the following tables:

  • NBI_DIM_OBS and NBI_DIM_OBS_FLAT, which are needed for OBS references
  • NBI_DIM_CALENDAR_TIME, which is needed for all non-fiscal time-scaled varying (TSV) grids
  • NBI_DIM_FISCAL_TIME, which is needed for all fiscal TSV grids and financial processing.

Essentially, all portlets rely on the successful completion of the job. The remaining actions of the Datamart Extraction job populates other NBI tables used to summarize or rollup data based on daily sliced data. The data in these other NBI tables are not required for standard Clarity functionality and are meant for customers to use in custom reporting. The execution of the remaining data is dependent on the configuration of Time Slice Definitions, Resource and Project activities that generate event records in the NBI_EVENTS table.

It's recommended to run this job during periods of low or no user activity as it uses many system resources. 

The Datamart Rollup Job is used for custom reports / portlets. 

See the below excerpts as referenced at: Datamart Jobs:

You need to execute the Datamart Extraction job daily to ensure you can use Clarity effectively in your organization. The job should run with the Extract Only OBS and Extract Only Calendar options selected. The Datamart Extraction job updates the OBS and CALENDAR tables in the database.


Custom Portlets and Reports
If you have any custom portlets or reports which use the Datamart and/or the Datamart Rollup tables, you need to run the Datamart Extraction job without selecting the parameters. The job will update all the extraction tables. If you use the Datamart Rollup tables:
  • You will need need to run the Datamart Extraction job without any parameters.
  • Run the Datamart Rollup job.

Additional Information

Reference Configure the Datamart for information on Datamart Settings and Financial Management minimum configuration setup.