UIM - Access snmpcollector DB
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UIM - Access snmpcollector DB


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The tools usually associated with UIM probes, like probe logs and configuration interfaces, are not always enough to understand the functionality of snmpcollector.  Because of this, web access has been created to provide additional perspectives into probe functionality.


Release: UIM  20.x

Snmpcollector > 3.x
Component: UIMSNC


To see in depth information about what snmpcollector is actually doing, the customer can look a the snmpcollector metrics page located here: http://<snmpcollector hub IP>:9715/metrics

Snmpcollector also maintains it's own database and this database can be viewed to see monitored devices, metrics, etc. 

You can access this database at: http://<snmpcollector IP address>:9715/database

The first screen is an authentication page with several parameters.  Just click "Connect" without changing anything.

**This is a relational database and we strongly discourage changing values here unless specifically instructed to do so by Support.**


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