Automatic remediation and merge of devices


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


Device merged by the user

Device deleted Merged devices

Device not running Mobile Threat Defense solution properly

Action Required: Your Device is not running Mobile Threat Defense solution properly.

If SEP Mobile has already been activated on your device and you believe you've received this notification by mistake, please let us know.

Report this notification


Duplicate devices for the same user can by identified and merged by the SEP Mobile administrator from the Management Console.

If there's a single merge candidate, the end user will get the the Report this notification option in the Device Health Notification email.





To check and see if the end user automatically merged duplicate devices:

SEP Mobile Management Console>Users & Devices>Devices and search for the device ID. Open the device log and check the device log for event "Device merged by the user X days ago with Device ID XXXXXXXXXXXX"

Go to Users and search for the user email. Check the device logs of deleted devices for event "Device deleted X days ago Merged devices"

For more information about duplicate device merges see SEP Mobile Product Updates for May 2017 and January 2017