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Event log shows "Health Monitor (CRITICAL): Blue Coat above 20 update errors" although subscription services are disabled


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Asset Management Solution ProxySG Software - SGOS


Although subscription-based services such as CachePulse, Geolocation, and Application Protection are not enabled, the event log displays health monitoring errors such as the following:

Health Monitor (CRITICAL): Blue Coat above 20 update errors


 In SGOS, when the number of failed Blue Coat WebFilter (BCWF) database download attempts exceeds the set threshold, the ProxySG appliance generates health monitoring messages such as “Subscription Communication Status” but not specific event log messages such as "Download of Blue Coat database failed". 

As of, the appliance only generates Health Monitoring errors and the related Event Log as the following: 

Event log of a critical status:
2014-02-27 03:37:35-00:00UTC "Health Monitor (CRITICAL): Blue Coat above 20 update errors" 14 6F0102:1 Mailed notifier.cpp:112

Event log of a warning status:
2014-02-26 15:57:26-00:00UTC "Health Monitor (WARNING): Blue Coat above 10 update errors" A 6F0101:1 Mailed notifier.cpp:112

This issue has been fixed in SGOS and later. In these versions, the appliance generates more specific event log messages, as it did in earlier versions: 

2014-06-27 20:36:09-00:00UTC  "Download of Blue Coat database failed"  0 500098:1   cfs_admin.cpp:698