Error "Authentication failed/SSH key error" from the ProxySG appliance in Director


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A registered ProxySG appliance's status shows as disconnected with the error:

Authentication failed/SSH key error


This issue could occur if the SSH key is invalid. To resolve the issue, re-create the SSH key from the affected ProxySG appliance.

  1. Log in to the affected ProxySG appliance's Management Console.
  2. Select Configuration > Authentication > Console Access > SSH Host.
    Look for the host key pair created under SSHv2.
  3. Click Delete under the SSHv2 Host Key Pair to delete the existing invalid key pair. Click Apply to apply the changes.
  4. Click Create under the SSHv2 Host Key Pair to re-create a new key pair. Click Apply to apply the changes.
  5. Log in to the Director Management console.
  6. On the Configuration tab, right click the affected ProxySG appliance and Reconnect.
    The affected appliance should display a connected status.
Note: Re-generating the SSHv2 Key Pair on the ProxySG appliance does not affect system operation. The SSH client must accept the new SSH key from the appliance when initiating the SSH connection to the appliance.