Can I create a script to gather PacketShaper diagnostic and log files?


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I would like to create a script (command file) to run which will help me gather general information and logs for troubleshooting purposes.


See the sample script below. You can create the script in Notepad. You may modify the content of the files by changing the content of the test.cmd script.

When you run this script, two files will be created:

test.out  <---contains all the command output <--- contains and files

Here is the content of the test.cmd command file:

#Please run this file at the root of 9.258/
#Collect command output to file test
setup show > test
ver ver >> test
sys health  >> test
# Zip up log files...
zip -r 9.256/log
# Zip up diag files...
zip -r 9.258/diag
# Create and save at root of 9.258
zip 9.258/ 9.258/ 9.256/cfg/config.ldi