Endpoint Protection for Linux LiveUpdate sessions may be delayed by invalid URLs in liveupdate.conf


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Endpoint Protection


Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) for Linux LiveUpdate (LU) sessions take an extremly long time to finish, due to invalid URLs in liveupdate.conf.

Multiple connect failures/timeouts in liveupdt.log, until a valid LU URL is tried.


Under some circumstances, multiple erroneous LU URLs may be left behind in liveupdate.conf after configuring policy at the SEP Manager (SEPM). SEP policy management was using unreliable logic to determine when to clear out host entries in Java LiveUpdate's liveupdate.conf file.  


Managed SEP 12.1 for Linux (SEP 14 does not use Jave LiveUpdate or liveupdate.conf)


As a work-around, the liveupdate.conf file on the SEP Linux client may be edited directly to removed the erroneous LU URL(s):

Configuring SAV/SEP for Linux Java LiveUpdate using the built-in Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Otherwise please upgrade to SEP 14 or newer. Policy management has been corrected in that version, to clear out all LU host entries that aren't explicitly set via the policy.