VIP 9.1 | Install and configuration guide | Error in Documentation


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VIP Enterprise Gateway


There is error in  the existing documentation for VIP 9.1 install and config guide on Page 69 which has below:

Testing Self Service Portal IDP Proxy
1.Access the link <http://<dmzhost>:8080/dmzssp/DmzListener>
2.Enter your LDAP user name and password and click Submit.
3.If you want to provide Temporary security Codes to users, use the requestTempPasscode support in the SSP-IDP proxy in the following format: <http://<dmzhost>:8080/dmzssp/DmzListener>?requestTempPasscode=true

The url <http://<dmzhost>:8080/dmzssp/DmzListener> does not work, it will result in “forbidden” error 403. The correct url should be  <http://<dmzhost>:8080/dmzssp> as described in the solution ID:SO18809 readme.txt.


Documentation bug artf112039.