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Added Voting Control Via Rulesets For Change Management in Servicedesk


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The ability to control the disposition of a Change Management request, and to allow rules to execute based on the votes cast by a member of the CAB did not exist. The update provided in this article does that.





To provide these capabilities, you will need to perform the following:


1. From TECH212326, download the files contained in the file.  Extract to your Servicedesk Server.

2. Stop IIS (IISRESET /STOP) and the Symantec Workflow Server service.

3. Copy both dll files (Symantec.ServiceDesk.Cm.Core.dll and Symantec.ServiceDesk.Cm.Automation.dll) to …\Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\Shared\customlib folder.  You can rename the existing files to .old if you want to maintain a backup

4. Copy the Symantec.ServiceDesk.Cm.Automation.dll file to the …\Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\ProcessManager\Plugins\Rules folder.  You can rename the existing file to .old if you want to maintain a backup

5. Start the IIS (IISReset /start) and Symantec Workflow Server service.

6. Open up Process Manager Portal, go to Admin > Portal > Plugin Upload. Make sure that automation library is checked, and then select the new Symantec.ServiceDesk.Cm.Automation.dll file from one of the folders you jut copied it to. Then click Upload. This will put the automation library to all the right places.

7. Restart IIS (IISRESET).

8. Go to Admin > Process Automation > Change Management > Service Dashboard. If it does not exist yet, create a "OnCabVoteCast" Process Event ruleset.

9. Execute the SD.ChangeManagementSimple.Setup.exe and SD.ChangeManagementSimple.Voting.Setup.exe installers, making sure that the Server Base URL is set to the Base URL used everywhere else for this ServiceDesk server.

10.  There is a sample external workflow process package file attached to this article as well. It is an published external workflow that, coupled with a ruleset defintion shown in the screenshot, will close a change request based on a single no vote cast by any member of the CAB.  This is meant to show one way this can be used.


Applies To

 Servicedesk 7.5 SP1


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