Best practices for blocking web cams using Device Control


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Endpoint Protection


Customer wants to block all web cams in environment using Symantec Endpoint Protection Device Control but does not want to block other video devices such as Scanners.


We don't have an option at this time to block just Web cams.  We block by Class ID  or   Device ID.

1.  Could block entire class id and then allow specific legitimate video devices.
2.  Could block individual device ids for each web cam.
3.  Could  make an enhancement request to ask for Symantec Development to look at changing the feature in the future.


You can make an enhancement request for this feature. 

Go to this web site:

Register an account and add a suggestion.

The Product Development teams periodically review these Enhancement Requests and decide which ones can be implemented.

Applies To

Endpoint Protection Manager 11 RU6 MP3.

Endpoint Protection Client 11 RU6 MP3.