How many agents can a Symantec Critical System Protection (SCSP) Management Server handle?


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How many agents can an SCSP Management Server handle?


     Each Server is designed to accommodate 10,000 agents. The server consists of an SQL Server database and one-or-more Tomcat Application Servers. For environments of more than 1,000 agents, or high real-time event transmission loads, hosting the database on a separate machine from the Tomcat application server is recommended.

     Should you need to co-locate the database (DB) and Tomcat servers the on same machine, it is recommend that a multi-CPU configuration be used. Configure at least 1GB of memory for Tomcat processes when supporting several 100 concurrent connections. Allow 4GB of memory for the DB, and 10K or 15K RPM disks in SAN/RAID to improve performance.

    Smaller environments (i.e. fewer agents or many agents with lighter real-time event loads, etc.) can be scaled back as appropriate. Judicious use of real-time event logging and bulk event file transfer features provides optimum use of available resources and best performance characteristics. Transfer only actionable events with a real-time method and bulk logging mechanism for capturing/recording voluminous events for audit, forensic, and regulatory retention events.