AClient or DAgent is installed on client but client does not appear in console


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


The AClient or DAgent has been installed successfully.
The agent status in the task bar shows a running status. In the client settings of the agent the correct Hostname\IP and port for the Deployment Server is entered.
But the client machine does not show up in the Deployment Console



 • Check if a client with the same network card (NIC) already exists.
     - common issue with Notebooks using and sharing Docking Stations
     - NIC has been replaced; but client is still in the console under former MAC address.

• Check if a client with the same host name or GUID already exists.
     - common issue with client installed by an software image (cloning).

• If client has more than one NIC check for all this MAC addresses in the console.
     - WiFi
     - Bluetooth 

• Check for former client entries in the console.
     - specially all clients with the status: 'Disconnected' (grey icon) 
     - different Host Name; other NIC in use
    - check other containers as 'All Computers' if exist.
    * Run a task for all computers which gathering the configuration\inventory of the clients. 
            Right click on the container (for example 'All Computers'),
            select Advanced and then Get Inventory.
       At this way the database will be upgraded with the latest client information.

Further things to check:
1. Any duplicate MAC address? This issue is known with virtual MAC addresses used by VPN clients.
2. Any duplicate UUID?
    Known reason for that could be that Network Card or Motherboard has not be supplied
    with unique GUID by the manufacture.
3. Are they licenses left which could be used for this clients?
4. The primary lookup key will be created with...?
     (MAC; IP; Host Name; UUID)
    Changing the setup of the primary lookup key could solve the issue.

5. Any VM Client running on this machine?