Error attempting to encrypt email message to a Distribution List in Outlook


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Desktop Email Encryption


When attempting to send an encrypted email to a distribution list, the email is blocked and cannot be sent.  

When viewing the Symantec Encryption Desktop (formerly known as PGP Desktop) log it displays entries similar to the following:

16:29:52 Email   Error   IMAPISUP::ExpandRecips Failed
16:29:52 Email   Error   IMAPISUP::ExpandRecips Failed
16:29:52 Email   Error   Received MAPI Specific error code 80070057
16:29:52 Email   Debug   MAPI Proxy: Asynchronous send SubmitMessage failed with hrRet 0x80070057.



Mail proxy connector is unable to find all the recipients for the DL list and can not proxy the message appropriately. This can occur when attempting to encrypt to a distribution list with a large number of recipients. 


 To resolve this issue, click the + symbol next to the name of the distribution list to expand the list which then displays all the members of the list.  Expanding the list allows PGP Desktop to proxy the email message.


Applies To

PGP Desktop Email

Symantec Mail Encryption

Outlook using MAPI with Exchange