Single Sign-On feature does not login to Windows on HP system


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When using the Single Sign-On feature with PGP Whole Disk Encryption on a HP computer, you successfully authenticate with your passphrase at the PGP BootGuard screen, but you are not automatically logged in to Windows.


This issue occurs due to an incompatibility between PGP Desktop and the HP Credential and Fingerprint Manager software GINA component implementation. The GINA (graphical identification and authentication) component provides secure authentication and interactive Windows logon services.

Single Sign-On utilizes one of the methods Microsoft Windows provides for customizing the Windows login experience. PGP WDE uses your configured authentication information to dynamically create specific registry entries when you attempt to log in.

This problem is fixed in version 2.5 of the HP Credential and Fingerprint Manager. To download the latest version for your hardware, visit the HP Support site to download HP software and drivers.