Unable to contact configuration server


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When attempting to enroll a PGP Desktop client with a PGP Universal Server, you receive the following error:

PGP Desktop is unable to contact your organization's PGP configuration server.
If you are offline or use a VPN, you should connect to your network or VPN and then relaunch PGP Desktop from the Start menu.


This error can occur for reasons that include incorrect DNS settings, firewall settings, proxy servers, and the PGP Universal Server being down. PGP Desktop clients must be able to connect to the PGP Universal Server over SOAPS on port 443.

This article details a solution when your PGP Universal Server is located behind a load balancer or proxy server. This issue can be resolved by adding proxy information to the client systems. After specifying the proxy information on the client system, you should be able to successfully complete enrollment.

To edit proxy information, use the steps below:

Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8

  1. Click the Tools menu in Internet Explorer and select Internet Options
  2. Click the Connections tab, then select LAN Settings button.
  3. Under Proxy server, place a checkmark next to Use a proxy server for your LAN.
  4. Type the IP address of your proxy server in the Address field.
  5. Type the port number for your proxy server for client connections in the port field.

    In IE 7 & 8, you can specify additional proxy servers by clicking the Advanced button.

  6. Click OK twice to apply the settings.
Firefox 3.0

  1. Click Tools on the menu bar and select Options.
  2. From Options select Advanced.
  3. In the Connection section, click the Settings button.
  4. Select the Manual proxy configuration radio button and type in your proxy information.
  5. Click OK twice to apply the settings.