Lotus Notes messages not encrypted or Lotus Notes fails to send message


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Email messages sent by Lotus Notes are not encrypted or an error message is displayed by Lotus Notes. The error messages displayed by Lotus Notes may include:

  • Operation stopped at your request: mail.box
  • Operation stopped by user: mail.box

This issue can be caused by the format of the server name on the Servers tab in the Location document in Lotus Notes.



When using Lotus Notes with PGP Desktop, your server must use the full host/orgName in your Location Document.

To resolve this issue, change the format of the server name to use the full Notes server name.


  1. Open Lotus Notes.
  2. Click File>Mobile>Edit Current Location.
  3. Click the Servers tab.
  4. In the Home/mail server field, type the full Lotus Notes Host/Organization Name.
  5. Click Save & Close.