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Dates are displayed incorrectly in the Audit Trail old value and new value columns when Time Zone setting in Clarity is earlier than time zone setting on the server


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When the time zone in the local settings of the server machine is set 1 hour ahead of the time zone in the Clarity application (GUI), then when audit trailing changes in the date fields, it will be shown by 1 day less.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Check the time zone local setting on your Clarity Server (the local settings of the machine itself, not in the Clarity application GUI). In order to reproduce the BUG you will need to set it to "GMT+1".

  2. Log into Clarity as someone with all rights and change the Time Zone under Account Settings to at least 1 hour earlier than the one you saw on the server. In this case, it should be "GMT+0".
    So far, you should have:

    TIMEZONE in local setting of server machine: GMT+1
    TIMEZONE in Clarity application GUI: GMT+0

  3. Use an existing Date Field or create your own Date field on an object. (We used the "Impact Date" on the Risk sub-object. But the problem also happened with custom date fields on the Project object and a custom Object.)

  4. Create an instance of your chosen object.

  5. Fill in the date field if it is not populated by a default date. Save the change.

  6. Make a change to the date field.

  7. Go to the Audit Trail option under the Admin tool and search for the changes you made to your object. The values in the Old Value and New Value columns are one day earlier than the ones you chose.

Expected Result: All of the values in the Old Value and New Value columns should be the same as the ones you chose.
Actual Result: The values in the Old Value and New Value columns are one day earlier than the ones you chose.



Old Value, New Value Dates are being displayed as per the end-user's Time Zone. This is the expected behavior.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-54934, timezone, account settings, localization, regional settings, nab.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus