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Admin User Password Needs To Be Reset


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The 'admin' user needs to be reset as the login is locked or the password is invalid.

The user 'admin' default password has been forgotten or has been locked due to excessive failed login attempts for the Clarity application.  The application has been configured by the customer to track the number of failed attempts to log into the application.  When the end-user has exceeded the number of attempts to login successfully, the application will change the status of this login to 'Locked' and the end-user will no longer be able to successfully log into the application for this user name.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Try to log in to the CA PPM application
  2. Receive invalid username, password, or login locked message

Expected Result: To login successfully
Actual Result: Login not accepted


Release: All supported release 
Component: STUDIO


For On Premise Customers

If another 'administrator' end-user does not exist with sufficient security rights to access the Administration, Resources pages for updating the 'admin' user, then the only way to change the password is to update the field directly in the database.  The instructions below are authorized as written, solely for this identified purpose.

The 'clarity' database may have a different name in your implementation.  The syntax of the following statements can be used in Oracle or MSSQL. The following update statement resets the 'admin' user password to "admin".  The passwords are stored in the CMN_SEC_USERS table in an encrypted format.  

For 12.0.x to 12.1.2.x:

WHERE USER_NAME = 'admin';

For 12.1.3.x to 13.2.x:
WHERE USER_NAME = 'admin';

For 13.3.x and above:
UPDATE CLARITY.CMN_SEC_USERS SET PWD ='b42405b424035653363353861396500601c40b454be3099ad54de35b8f2',
salt='[[email protected]',
WHERE USER_NAME = 'admin';

Be sure to commit the update statements. Once you change this value, log into the application as the 'admin' user and be sure to reset it to a password that will only be used by authorized 'administrator' users.

Note: Using these direct database update statements in the manner described to update only the 'admin' user are authorized for this specific purpose only.

Additional Information

If the native Clarity login is not being used, be sure to configure the NSA so that login with LDAP, for instance is not used.