Troubleshooting and diagnosing VIP Enterprise Gateway connectivity issues with VIPdiagnostics


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The vipdiagnostic utility is a troubleshooting and diagnostic utility included with VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.6 and later. Use this to test VIP Enterprise Gateway connections. The result will be displayed on-screen as status N/A, SUCCESS, INFO, ERROR or FAILED. Details are captured in the logs/vipDiagnostic.log file -- please attach this file to your support case. 

Using the utility:

  1. On the Enterprise Gateway server, open an elevated (admin) command prompt. 
  2. Browse to the Tools folder (example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\VIP_Enterprise_Gateway\tools).
  3. Run the following command:
    1. For Windows, vipdiagnostic.bat
    2. For Linux,

Observe the test results:

Command line options:

  1. For Windows, vipdiagnostic.bat [option] [--LogFile file] [--LogLevel level]
  2. For Linux, [option] [--LogFile file] [--LogLevel level]

Command-line Options:

--LogLevel - INFO is the default level. Option: INFO, DEBUG, WARN, or ERROR.
--LogFile - <INSTALL DIR>/logs/vipDiagnostic.log (default). 

--All (Run all the tests except the loop test. This is the default option.)
--LDAP (Run all the LDAP connectivity tests.)
--Cloud (Run all the Cloud connectivity tests.)
--Misc (Run all the miscellaneous tests excluding LDAP and Cloud connectivity tests.)
--Loop [--LoopCount count] (Run the Cloud and LDAP connectivity tests in a loop. The loop count can be set with a LoopCount switch. The default value is 10.
  Example: vipdiagnostic.bat --Loop --LoopCount 5

Note: The [warning] on 'Some certificates are found to be expired/not yet valid.' indicates an inactive and expired certificate exists. The status [ERROR] is critical and indicates an active certificate has expired and should immediately be replaced under the Settings tab. To resolve the non-critical [warning] message, expired certificates can safely be removed from the VIP EG.