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Downloading SEDR diagnostics from the appliance web interface


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Endpoint Detection and Response


After the migration to Broadcom, the Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response (SEDR) appliance does not have the ability to upload diagnostic data to a server. In order to gather logs, you will need to download them from the SEDR web interface.


Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response 4.2 and later. For SEDR version 4.1 and older, contact Broadcom Technical Support.


In order to download the diagnostics file, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the SEDR Command Line Interface (CLI) as admin
  2. Generate the logs using the following command:
    gather_logs --to-transfers
  3. Verify the name of the diagnostics using the following (Note: The diagnostics will be stored in /home/admin/transfers)
    list --home | grep SGS-TD
  4. Log in to the SEDR  Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  5. Navigate to Settings -> Global -> File Transfer
  6. Click "Download"
  7. Type in the diagnostics file name from step 3, being sure to use the same capitalization. (Example: SGS-TD_Wed_Sep...)
  8. Click "Download"