Support Statement for Symantec Messaging, Web, and EDR/ATP Security Appliances


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Endpoint Detection and Response Advanced Threat Protection Platform Web Gateway Messaging Gateway


What is the Support Statement for Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Messaging Gateway (SMG), and Web Gateway (SWG) software?


The following describes the typical Support deliverables and timelines for ATP, EDR, SMG, and SWG software ("Licensed Software") as they move through their product life cycle and support phases. The actual timelines and deliverables for a specific version of Licensed Software may vary. For purposes of this statement, a “Build” means a Major Release, Minor Release, or Maintenance Release, along with all patches including patches to address security vulnerabilities identified.

Standard Support Phase: Symantec will provide Standard Support for the most current Build of the Licensed Software. “Standard Support” means a level of support services that Symantec provides to a customer in response to a Problem, as follows:

  • During the Standard Support phase, Customer will be entitled to obtain content updates. In addition, a Technical Support engineer will provide troubleshooting and problem isolation assistance for the Licensed Software.
  • If Symantec identifies a bug or a security vulnerability in a particular Build of the Licensed Software that needs to be addressed, Symantec will stop marketing that version and will ramp down related support services and will release a new Build.
  • Also, when Symantec wants to update the features and functions of a particular version, then Symantec will stop marketing that version (Build) . Symantec will ramp down Support Services for that Build and will release a new Build.
All Maintenance Releases along with bug fixes, Patches, and security vulnerabilities for a version of the Licensed Software, will be delivered in a new Build. Major Releases and Minor Releases introduce new features and functions. When new Major Releases and Minor Releases are issued, they will also be delivered as a new Build.
The most current software Build includes the current Major Releases, Minor Releases, and Maintenance Releases along with up-to-date patches, bug fixes, and security updates. To access the most current software bug fixes, patches, security updates, or maintenance releases, the customer must install the latest Build. The customer can update the appliance to the latest software Build through the software update facility which is built into the product user interface or can be accessed by the command line interface.
  • “Major Releases” of the Licensed Software are designated by the first number in a release designation (X.0).
  • “Minor Releases” of the Licensed Software are designated by the second number in a release designation (X.y).
  • “Maintenance Releases” of the Licensed software are designated by the third number in a release designation (X.y.z).
Maintenance Releases do not have a GA Date and use the GA Date of the related Major Release or Minor Release for EOSL dates.
“GA Date” refers to the date on which each Major and Minor Release are made commercially and generally available.
Partial Support: A Build will reach End of Life and will immediately move to the Partial Support phase on the date that the next Build is released. If the customer is using a previous Build, and a bug or vulnerability is identified, and if that bug or vulnerability has been addressed in a more current Build, then Symantec will instruct the customer it needs to update to a more current Build or the newest Build to eliminate the bug or vulnerability.
Partial support for Licensed Software consists of access to technical support to obtain assistance with troubleshooting and problem isolation, as well as access to new content updates and existing information including online self-help support in our knowledge base and accompanying documentation. Symantec will not develop new patches or bug fixes to address vulnerabilities, and will not escalate issues to management or to engineering for assistance.
End of Support Life: End of Support Life means that Symantec ceases to provide any level of support service for the Build (“EOSL”). Symantec will not be obligated to provide any new content updates or develop any engineering modifications or patch any vulnerabilities for a particular Build after it has reached EOSL. The following software versions will reach their EOSL on the earlier of two (2) years from the GA date of the next Major or Minor Release of Licensed Software, or four (4) years from the GA date of the applicable Major or Minor Release:
  • Symantec Advanced Threat Protection Endpoint and Symantec Advanced Threat Protection Network (also called Symantec Advanced Threat Platform)
  • Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response (on-premises only)
  • Symantec Messaging Gateway
  • Symantec Web Gateway
For example:
Assume a Minor Release 7.6 has a GA Date of January 7, 2008.
Also assume that the next Major or Minor Release of Licensed Software is Minor Release 7.7 and has a GA Date of October 6, 2008.
Minor Release 7.6 and its related Maintenance releases therefore reach EOSL on October 6, 2010 which is two (2) years from the GA Date of Minor Release 7.7 and which is earlier than January 7, 2012, four (4) years from the GA Date of Minor Release 7.6.
Capitalized terms not defined in this statement shall have the meanings ascribed to them in Symantec’s enterprise technical support policy, a current copy of which can be found at: