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Cannot connect to SMG Control Center after update to 10.7.3


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Messaging Gateway


Following the update to Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.7.3, attempting to connect to the Control Center web application fails with an SSL error immediately or fails after being prompted by the browser to select a certificate.


Messaging Gateway 10.7.3 now requests a client certificate as part of the TLS security negotiation. If any client certificate is presented before SMG is configured to trust it or the Certificate Authority that signed it, SMG will refuse the connection with an SSL error.


  1. Update to Messaging Gateway 10.7.4.
  2. If upgrading is not currently an option, updating SMG 10.7.3-5 with patch 281 should resolve this issue. The patch can be downloaded and installed from the update servers using the instructions in Installing and removing patches for Messaging Gateway. Release information can be found in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.7 Release Notes and Late Breaking News
  3. This issue can also be resolved by uploading either the client certificate or the certificate authority public certificate that was used to sign it to the control center as follows:
    1. Obtain a copy of the CA certificate used to sign the client certificate being used by your web browser
    2. Connect to the SMG Control center with a web browser that does not supply a client certificate or hit “Cancel” if prompted for a certificate
    3. Go to Administration > Smart Card > CA Certificates
    4. Select “Import” and provide the CA signing certificate
    5. Log in to the Control Center command-line interface as admin via putty so some other SSH client
    6. Restart the Control Center web application via the `service controlcenter restart` command

Additional Information

Identifying the client certificate being used by Firefox

  1. Open the options menu in Firefox
  2. Select Privacy and Security
  3. Select View Certificates
  4. View the highlighted certificate