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License file is registered successfully but Licenses does not show updated end date


Article ID: 184826


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Messaging Gateway


After registering a new or temporary license file on a currently licensed Messaging Gateway system, the licensing process returns success but the list of active licenses still shows the old expiration date.


This is a known issue which is currently under investigation.


This issue may be resolved by performing the following steps to reset the license data on the SMG system:

  1. Log into the admin command line on the affected SMG system via ssh/putty
  2. Stop the MTA service via `service mta stop`
  3. Purge the old license data from the system via `license-control --remove --force`
  4. Reset the anti-spam definitions via `delete dayzerorules intsigrules regexrules spamhunterrules spamsigrules bodyhashrules statsigrules`
  5. Re-register the license from the SMG Control Center
  6. Restart the MTA service via `service mta start`

Messaging Gateway should not be used to process email while in an unlicensed state as the product "fails open" meaning that when unlicensed it will deliver messages without scanning for spam or malware.