Unable to install to SQL express
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Unable to install to SQL express


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


Unable to install Deployment Server 6.9 or Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 to SQL express version 2005 and newer, the server will report a DB installer error.


This version of SQL by default sets the port to be a dynamic port. DS 6.9 and GSS 3.0 install to a database over the default port of 1433.


By entering the Sql Server Configuration Manager you can edit the default SQL Server port. Blank out the field in the dynamic section and enter in 1433 in as the "TCP port" field for the tcp/ip settings. This will allow the DS or GSS to install correctly.

How to change SQL Configuration settings, Please find the below steps:


1. Install SQL Server Express Edition. (With Mixed Mode) 

2.Go to "Start -> Program Files ->Microsoft SQL Server [version] -> SQL Server Configuration Manager" dialog.
3.Select "SQL Server [version] Services" on "SQL Server Configuration Manager" dialog.
4.Check "SQL Server (SQLExpress) and "SQL Server Brower" state is in "Running" mode  or not . If services are not running , we need to start the services.
5.Expand " SQL Server [version] Network Configuration" link and select "Protocols for SQLEXPRESS" and check status is enabled for  " Named Pipes,TCP/IP ".

6. We need to restart Service SQL Server (SQLExpress)  after enabling the above protocols.

7 .Expand "SQL Native Client Configuration" link and select "Client Protocols" and verify all client protocols are enabled except "VIA" protocol.
8 .We need to verify SQL Related services are running or not. (Please find the attached Image5 screenshot for the same.)

Now go to Query Analyzer and try to login with SQL Authentication as well as Windows Authentication.If user is able login then we can install DS or GSS.


Applies To
Any version of Deployment Server 6.9.
Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 HF1 and HF2.
SQL server express version 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2014, and newer.