This article describes the procedure that has to be performed in the Luminate Administration Portal in order to allow SSH access to an SSH server via Luminate platform.

For a higher-level explanation on how the SSH access works with Luminate, please refer to the following article:


  • Log in to the Luminate Administration Portal at https://admin.<your organization tenant>
  • Navigate to the Applications page of the application
  • This guide assumes that you already have a Site defined and Luminate Connectors deployed. If this is the first time you are providing an access to any application, please refer to Getting Started with Luminate article.
  • Please select the site where your SSH server is location.
  • Create a new application


  • Fill the application settings:


Please choose "SSH" as an application type, and enter the Internal Address in a format of ssh://IP:Port or ssh://DNS:Port

  • Assign users to the new application

You can pick either internal user accounts or connect your Luminate environment to your organizational Identity Provider and pick existing user corporate user accounts. Please see separate guides for connecting your Luminate environment to organizational Identity Providers.