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Access to File Shares / Directories via SFTP and SCP using Luminate Secure Access Cloud


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Secure Access Cloud


Access to File Shares / Directories via SFTP and SCP using Luminate Secure Access Cloud


Luminate Secure Access Cloud (TM) provides a Zero Trust Access to various IT Resources hosted on-premises or in Cloud Service Provider co-location/IaaS datacenters. 

For access to File Repositories / Directories, Luminate provides a native SSH access that can be leveraged for tools, such as SFTP and SCP. Luminate supports any standard SCP/SFTP client software for any platform.

download.png Please note that in order to provision SCP and SFTP access to Windows Servers, you need to install (or enable) an OpenSSH server. While commercial SFTP server products exist, we recommend using the standard OpenSSH for Windows and install it as described in this article.

The connection can be performed in two possible modes:

  • Direct connection to a host defined as an SSH Application in Luminate, as described in this article
  • Connection through an SSH Tunnel via a Bastion Host, as described below

Connecting via a Bastion Host or SSH Tunnel, if supported by the SCP/SFTP client allows access to servers that are not necessarily configured as SSH Application in the Luminate Administration Portal. Authentication to the internal host, in this scenario, needs to be performed between the client and the server, separately from the SSH Tunnel authentication.

Below is an example of defining an SFTP connection through an SSH Bastion in a popular Windows tool, called WinSCP:

The host name / address, as well as user credentials filled in this dialog should contain the address of the internal (real) server and the authentication details for it.

Address and credentials filled in the Advanced --> Tunnel dialog should contain the details of the SSH Bastion via Luminate Secure Access Cloud (TM).