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Policy-Based Encryption introduces portal privacy improvements


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Policy Base Encryption provider, Zix is making changes on the Policy-based encryption portals to improve user's privacy and how it handles user's personal data.


Policy-based encryption Portals (Zix)



What is Policy-based encryption (Zix)

Policy-Based Encryption uses Data Protection Policy to identify which email needs to be encrypted. Policy-Based Encryption encrypts specific emails based on a policy. That is a set of rules that are designed to analyze all email and encrypt any email that matches the predefined conditions.

What is changing?

The user's email address will be removed from the URL in the following email notifications:

  • First-time User Activation
  • Portal Pick-up Notification

How will recipients be impacted?

The email address will not be display in the URL within the email notification and will not populate on the portal with the user's email address after the link is clicked on. It is a trade-off between user experience and a privacy risk as the change is protecting the user's information from being harvested.

When is this happening?

The change will begin on September 20, 2018, at 00:00 UTC and will be completed by October 11, 2018, at 23:45 UTC.

Additional information about the new behavior

Registering Your Account

The first time you receive a secure email, you are asked to register.  Registration is a one-time, quick and easy process. You receive an email message in your email Inbox notifying you that you have an encrypted message in the Portal. You must then register with the same email address that received the notification to access your secure messages.

You may also register by going directly to the MessageLabs Sign In screen and selecting the Register button.

Note: If you see the Google or Microsoft icons on the Sign In screen, you can register and sign in with your existing Google or Microsoft email addresses instead of creating a new Symantec sign in. You must register with the same account that received the notification message in order to access secure messages with Symantec.

To register your Account:

  1. Select the Open Message button.

    Note: If your email program does not support active links, copy and paste the link provided in the message into your browser.
  2. On the Registration screen, you can complete one of the two following actions.
    • Enter the Email address that received the notification message.
    • Enter a Password that complies with the password rules shown.
  3. Select Register.

You might be asked for security questions. If not, the Encryption Portal opens and displays your inbox.


Reading New Messages

When a new secure message arrives in the Encryption Portal, you receive a notification email in your regular email Inbox.

To read the message:

  1.  Open the notification email message in your Inbox. Select the hyperlink within the email or select the Open Message button.
    • Enter the Email address that received the notification message.
    • Enter a Password that complies with the password rules shown.
  2.  If needed, sign in using your registered Password or alternate account credentials. the Encryption Portal opens and displays your inbox.