Mail client instructions for submitting valid samples
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Mail client instructions for submitting valid samples


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How to use various mail clients to send in an email attachment as a sample. This is typically for false positive spam submissions.


The following mail clients have been tested and confirmed to be able to submit samples in the required format. If your mail client does not appear in the list below, please consult the Technical Information section of the document for email submission requirements and your email software documentation to determine whether submissions are possible using your mail client.

Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016

Click the More > Forward as Attachment in the Respond group on the Home tab;.

Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007

There are 4 methods:

  1. Select the sample message and press Ctrl + Alt + F.
  2. Open a new message and drag the sample message you want to forward out of the "messages" pane into the body of the new message window.
  3. Open a new message, select the “Attach Item” icon and choose 'Item' from the drop down list. Then select the sample message you wish to attach from the "Insert Item" dialog box
  4. Always forward messages as attachments. Select Tools -> Options -> Preferences Tab -> E-Mail Options. In the ‘On replies and forwards’ section, select “Attach original message“ from the “When forwarding a message” drop down list. Click OK twice. Then select the sample message and click the forward button.

Mac OS X Mail

Highlight the sample message. Click Message > “Forward as Attachment” from the menu.

Lotus Notes

To submit .eml files, the sample would need to be exported then submitted using the Spam Analysis Tool.

IBM Lotus Notes versions 8.5 or higher

  1. Follow and apply the instructions from the following IBM article: How to ensure eml files have the correct content type when forwarding via SMTP 
  2. Browse to the mailbox with the messages to submit
  3. Select all messages for submission
  4. Drag and drop the messages into a folder, and ensure each file has a .eml extension

 Older versions of IBM Lotus Notes

  1. Open and login to IBM Lotus Notes
  2. Open the message you require to submit to Symantec by double clicking on the message
  3. Click on the menu bar ‘View/Show/Page Source’
  4. Open notepad or another text editor
  5. Select the entire contents of the message within IBM Lotus Notes and copy the contents
  6. Paste the contents into the empty text editor screen
  7. Save the message with a .eml file extension

Submit the email sample for checking by the Spam Analysis Tool

  1. Login to the Management Portal.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Spam Analysis Tool in the portal.
  3. Click Browse. A file folder navigation window opens.
  4. On your desktop, locate the .eml or .msg message file for analysis and select Open.
  5. Click Check to submit the email sample for analysis.
  6. The Spam Analysis Tool performs an analysis of your sample and returns a message that confirms the results of the check.

For information on how to export email from other applications, refer to the list that is provided here.

If the mail client is not listed, please check the documentation or contact the service provider for help.