BCAAA upgrade uninstalls previous versions
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BCAAA upgrade uninstalls previous versions


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


BCAAA upgrade uninstalls previous versions, but you need previous versions to support appliances not upgraded yet.

When I try to upgrade my BCAAA server, the installation wizard indicates that it is uninstalling the previous versions of the software. However, I still need the previous versions to support the appliances that I do not plan to upgrade yet.


Although the BCAAA installation wizard says that it is uninstalling previous versions of BCAAA during an upgrade, it will not remove the bcaaa.ini and bcaaa-nn.exe files for each version that was previously installed. This allows it to continue to run any previous versions of BCAAA that were installed on the server. After upgrading, your BCAAA server will continue to work with all SGOS versions it previously worked with.