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Packages with spaces in the base folder fail to download with HTTP error 400.


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IT Management Suite


Packages with spaces in the base folder fail to download with HTTP error 400.

Failed to download package '{C5F21BA9-C0B0-469A-886A-D069BBE8FC22}' from: 
http://SMPServer/PKGGroup/folder with spaces/file, local blocks: 5/11, error: HTTP status 400: 
The server cannot process the request because the syntax is not valid 
Process: AeXNSAgent.exe (3028), Thread ID: 4084, Module: 
Priority: 2, Source: PackageDownload


Known issue.


ITMS 8.1 RU2 and later


This issue is fixed in version 8.5 RU1.

For ITMS 8.1 RU5 you can find a cumulative point-fix that covers this issue, found here:
8.1 RU5 Cumulative Point-fix

Note: If you are already in 8.1 RU7 and the issue is still present, there is a fix added to POST RU7 for another scenario that involves external packages if the regular fix done for RU7 didn't work. See INFO5191 to obtain the pointfix.

Note: After applying the fix for the packages with spaces in their name, please consider that in order to take advantage of this change, "the codebases will be retrieved only if package is changed or files are missing from the package. In that case the package is scheduled to download and while the download process the codebases are received from Notification Server. The simple refresh will not trigger the codebases re-retrieval."

In order for the fix to work, the affected packages needs to:
1. have a minor change so a new codebase can be generated with the fixed link (like adding a dummy text file)
2. or just create a new package after the fix was installed.