Microsoft Office 365 Software Updates fail with 1603 Exit Code
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Microsoft Office 365 Software Updates fail with 1603 Exit Code


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Microsoft Office 365 Click To Run 2016 updates failed to install on targeted end-points.

Office update installation failed Error Code 1603


Patch Management 7.6 HF7 with PointFix and pre-requisites installed per INFO4200.

Patch Management 8.0 HF6

Patch Management 8.1.x


Confirmed with the deployment process outlined on 184965 "Deploying Microsoft Office 365 updates with Patch Management Solution"; Microsoft Office Click-to-Run 2016 product family downloaded from Microsoft website to SMP server, some of the files are reported as transferred successfully even if the transfer only partial, so the Click-to-Run tool was unable to retrieve the desired range of the Office 365 update file from SMP Server nor Package/Site Servers.


This issue was resolved in each of the following releases:
  • Patch Management 7.6 HF7 (Pointfix v5): Found in INFO3457
  • Patch Management 8.0 HF6 (Pointfix v4_2): Found in INFO4241
  • Patch Management 8.1 RU4: Release to be announced

Caution: Confirmed these PointFixes did not include resolution of issues within Hierarchy environments. Please follow-up the installation of these PFs with those detailed on TECH248422 if environment houses Hierarchy.

Note: These PointFixes (PF) listed above will not resolve the issue retroactively, so any previously affected Software Update Packages will not be fixed by installing these listed PFs.
Work through the following to resolve this issue for previously affected Software Updates:
  1. Isolate which Software Updates are affected:
    • Download the attached Office365Consistency.ps1 to a local drive on the SMP Server
      • Run script with parameter; path to the Software Update Package Location
      • Default location would be as follows: PS > .\Office365Conistency.ps1 C:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates
      • Script will validate the consistency of all Office 365 Updates located in this folder and subfolders; output will provide the list of bulletins which were not downloaded correctly
  2. Work through the following to recreate the packages for the previously affected Software Bulletins: 
    • Open the Console > Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center
    • Highlight problematic Office 365 bulletins from the Office365Consistency.ps1 output from Step #1 above
    • Right Click > Recreate Packages
    • Confirm packages downloaded in Log Viewer 

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