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Learn about Symantec’s Hardware Warranty and rules regarding the Symantec RMA process.


Hardware Warranty 

All Symantec hardware products come with a limited, non-transferable warranty. Symantec provides RMA hardware exchanges to those customers with a valid product entitlement under warranty or an active hardware support contract. 

Advance Hardware Exchange* is available for customers with hardware support levels of Standard Plus and higher.

To verify your warranty or support status, contact Symantec Technical Support with your Service Contract Number and any applicable Model and Serial numbers.

Note: Technical support for software during the warranty period requires a separate Symantec support contract.

*Symantec will send a replacement unit to eligible customers in advance of the defective unit being returned by the customer per the hardware support level purchased and in accordance with Symantec’s Technical Support Terms & Conditions.

Hardware Warranty Response Times


Response Times

1-Year Hardware Warranty*

Repair or replacement within 30 business days ship after receipt of the defective unit

3 Business Day Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) Policy  where installation is within 30 days of shipment)

Anticipated delivery within 5 business days of notification, based on regional carrier services**

…or upgrade with Hardware Support  (details below)

* Hardware warranties for certain Symantec products (including Blue Coat and Packeteer) varied by product prior to September 2017. The new unified product warranty is standardized across all products. 

** Delivery may be impacted by delays in customs which are beyond the control of Symantec or its carriers.

Support Response Times

Hardware Support Options

Response Times*

Advance Replacement


10 Day Return-to-Factory (within receipt of defective unit from customer)

No, customer must ship defective unit in for repair/replacement

Standard Plus

Same Day Shipment (arrival not guaranteed)



Next Business Day Arrival (guaranteed)



4hr Arrival (9x5) (guaranteed)


Premium Plus

4hr Arrival (24x7) (guaranteed)


* Per support option purchased and as defined by Symantec’s Technical Support Terms & Conditions.

Find out more about Symantec’s Hardware Support offerings.

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