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Agent can't register task server


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IT Management Suite


Agents could not register to the task server.  

Attempting to register on Task Server [] over [https].

Failed to call web interface by url [], error [0x8004200C, IDispatch error #7692].

Could not register using ""

Operation 'Direct: Post' failed. 
Protocol: HTTPS 
Path: /Altiris/ClientTaskServer/Register.aspx 
Id: 9727.724 
Error type: SMP Server error 
Error code: The server is currently too busy to process the request (0x8004200C)    
Error note: HTTP Status 200: 200 OK 
Server HTTPS connection info: 
   Server certificate: 
      Serial number: 12 ac 48 3e b5 0f c4 a5 46 95 fd 11 7c 1e 7f 9c 
      Thumbprint: 7f 40 9f df b4 83 8f 0d 86 b0 ea db 64 4e e6 b2 04 2b 9b 4b 
   Cryptographic protocol: TLS 1.0 
   Cipher suite: TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA 
   Cipher algorithm: AES 
   Cipher key length: 128 
   Hash algorithm: SHA1 
   Hash length: 160 
   Key exchange algorithm: RSA 
   Key length: 2048






The c:\Program Files directory and subdirectories on the SMP server had been compressed.


ITMS 8.0


On the SMP server uncompressed the C:\Program Files directory and subdirectories.  Then did an iis reset.