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Filter HTTP debug with client IP or server IP


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS SWG VA-100


When proxySG , ASG or SWG VA appliances  fails to process specific HTTP / HTTPS requests or there is general slowness while accessing HTTP / HTTPS sites this debug log is useful to isolate the problem. It is also recommended to have a clean HTTP debug by filtering with specific client machine IP or server IP , from where the problem being observed. For more information on how to take HTTP debug refer to How to get an HTTP Debug Log from the ProxySG?

Generally HTTP debug information is requested by Symantec support when URL access problem can not be isolated with policy trace and packet capture.


SGOS 6.5.x and older versions, HTTP debug can not be filtered with specific client machine IP or server IP. On a busy proxy appliance where HTTP debug can not be filtered,  it is recommend to take the http debug within a short time window by reproducing the problem or take the HTTP debug during off hours when the appliance has minimal user traffic.

Starting with SGOS 6.6.x and later HTTP debug can be filtered with specific client machine IP or server IP. To apply this filter navigate to http debug URL of your proxy.


To apply specific  client IP or server IP filter select  Debug filter(s)

Once the debug filter appears, apply appropriate client IP or server IP from where the problem being observed . Select Submit to save the save the debug filter and to return back to debug log page.

After debug filter is set before taking the actual debug log make sure debug level is also set correctly. To learn more on how to set HTTP debug level refer to How to configure HTTP Debug levels in the newer SGOS versions