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Troubleshoot network latency or performance issues in Web Security Service and collect data for support cases


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Web Security Service - WSS


You experience latency or performance issues with Symantec Web Security Service (WSS).


Common causes of performance issues (some of which may not be directly related to WSS) include the following:

  • Route latency
  • Packet loss
  • Peering point congestion
  • Issues specific to your firewall or network


Web Security Service


Supplying the information below provides insight into where possible performance issue originates and helps to quantify the slowness experienced. If you do not provide this information in advance, the Support Engineer will request this information before further troubleshooting, causing the resolution of the case to be delayed. Please gather the following before creating your case with Symantec Support:

  • The WSS access method (e.g. VPN/IPSec tunnel, explicit proxy, proxy forwarding, Unified Agent, etc.).
  • The egress IP (the router/firewall's public IP) address of the location experiencing latency, as defined in WSS portal.
  • The specific data pod currently serving your requests. See:
    • Please note the difference between data center and data pod. "Chicago/Frankfurt" is the data center. Support requires the full pod code (e.g. DP1-PA3). Support can identify which pod you are on by your egress IP, but it’s possible for you to be connected to multiple pods simultaneously.
  • Two screenshots of the download test results from:
    • With your access method enabled and disabled.
    • This is used to establish a baseline result and the performance experienced by WSS.
  • The ping results to​
    1. Go to:
    2. Download the latest version of http-ping.exe.
    3. From the command line, run the http-ping tool with the following command: http-ping
      • In Windows, you may need to use the "set proxy" command as this tool does not automatically detect proxy settings.
  • ​​​A traceroute to the data center VIP IP.
  • An ICMP ping to the data center VIP IP.
  • A WinMTR trace to the data center VIP IP.
    • This also handles the ping and traceroute requirements.

Symantec does not have influence/ownership of the above-mentioned tools and other alternatives may be available.

Note: For proxy forward connections, ensure that the following changes have been made on the proxy in Steps 5 & 6 in the Proxy Forward WebGuide. These changes are necessary for connectivity to WSS.