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Check RAID status on Malware Analysis Appliance


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Malware Analysis Software - MA


How can you tell if the RAID on the Malware Analysis Appliance is healthy?


The easiest way to confirm the health of the RAID on the Malware Analysis is to log in to the GUI and look at the Health Monitor indicator at the bottom of the browser.  If the status is Green, then the RAID sync status is also healthy.  

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If the appliance is running MAA version 4.1.4 or greater, you can also run a command line utility to check the status of the RAIDs.  

NOTE:  This only works on Bluecoat hardware (MAA S400 or S500).  This does not work on HP hardware.

  1. SSH as the g2 user to the appliance
  2. $ sudo python /opt/mag2/usr/share/mag2/pyscripts/raidcheck.pyc


Output should be similar to this output from a healthy S500 MAA appliance:


[email protected]:~$ sudo python /opt/mag2/usr/share/mag2/pyscripts/raidcheck.pyc

Bay  Device     State
  1  /dev/sdc1  active sync
  2  /dev/sdd1  active sync
  3  /dev/sde1  active sync
  4  /dev/sdf1  active sync
  5  /dev/sdg1  active sync
  6  /dev/sdh1  active sync


If the GUI or the raid check utility report anything else, please contact technical support.